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ATAM is a private company with a youthful and highly motivated management team, oriented towards the internationalisation of an Italian brand. Our mission is to promote the use of innovative, reliable technology for moving and controlling devices that can enhance the quality of life.

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Created to grow

In 1970, Adriano Colombo and Enzo Sartorio saw an opportunity in the market for the requirement of industrial coils and established TE-CAV, primarily to serve solenoid valve manufacturers. 

The company soon became a point of reference in the sector and, thanks to generous investments in research, capital equipment and personnel, it garnered acclaim and built its reputation in the market. Today ATAM is a private company with a youthful and motivated management team that is constantly focused on the internationalisation of a major Italian business.

Created to grow



ATAM celebrate their first 50 years whilst working towards the concepts of industry 5.0, in which robotics, software, and human ingenuity will collaborate on tailor-made solutions, focused on total customer satisfaction.


The board of directors was extended, transforming the company's direction, whilst still remaining a family company. This was a consolidation year for ATAM, during which their reliability and consistency, in terms of the coordination of production and commercial management, was confirmed.


ATAM’s growth is consolidated with additional increases in sales: confirmation of the recognition, by an ever larger number of customers, of the company’s superior quality and service operations that are always attentive to the needs of each specific application.


In the drive to ensure company operations that are unconditionally respectful of the environment, ATAM S.p.A. secures ISO 14001 certification.


The goal of compliance with Industry 4.0 is pursued with new technological investments for a fully automated and interconnected production system.


ATAM opens a production plant in Asia to support the local demand for products with highly technical/qualitative content with fast logistics and competitive economic conditions.


ATAM Windings combines all its products under a new brand name, updating its image and changing its name to ATAM S.p.A. ATAM (UK) Ltd established to exploit market opportunities in the UK.


Data Matrix, an innovative system allowing Full Traceability of the products is introduced into production.


ATAM Windings celebrates its 40th anniversary: the company is increasingly active and competitive thanks to new investments, the vision of the Board of Directors and the support of its employees and external partners.


The company gets through the global financial crisis without reducing the number of employees and simultaneously invests in new robotic production lines to prepare for market recovery.


Adriano Colombo, President of our Company, passes the daily management of the Company onto his son Stefano, who is appointed Managing Director. The Quality Certification of the Company is updated in accordance with ISO 9001-2008.


Integration of the CNE production lines, an internationally recognized trade mark for connector and sensor solutions, with the entry of Giancarlo Lonati onto the ATAM Windings board.


The Agrate Brianza facility is expanded with a new covered area of 5,500 giving the facility a combined total area of 10,000 ATAM Windings re-emerges as a significantly stronger company, capable of competing at the front line with the new market challenges.


The Quality Certification is updated to the new ISO 9001:2000 standard and an intranet network is set up to process all data and information.


Atex certification gained for coils used in explosive environments.


Adriano Colombo is joined by his son Stefano. The company celebrates its first 25 years of activity.


ATAM Windings obtains the CSQ Quality Certificate in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9000 standards.


The ATAM Group is established, incorporating manufacturers of complementary products for the electrical coil.


Enzo Sartorio leaves the company. Adriano Colombo changes the name of the company to ATAM Windings and a new logo is created for the occasion.


Inauguration of the new 2,800 sq. mt. production plant in Agrate Brianza.


The company moves to larger premises in Via Manin and introduces automatic final testing. From now on every product is automatically checked and tested by special units which issue the test certification.


The first wholly owned production facility is built in Sesto San Giovanni.


TE-CAV becomes A.T.A.M. Avvolgimenti Tecnici Assemblaggi Milano. This marks the beginning of an important period of research into new resins that will enable electrical coils to be used at increasingly higher temperatures.


Adriano Colombo and Enzo Sartorio establish TE-CAV.


From its main centre of propulsion in Agrate Brianza, ATAM have also established a production site in Taiwan and a commercial site in the UK.


ATAM is based in Agrate Brianza, at the gates of Milan. The facility includes the management offices, the entire organizational, technical, commercial, and administrative departments, a test laboratory, the machine tool department and part of the production unit.


Today, Atam’s second production unit, in Taiwan, is serving the Asian market with top quality products: hi-tech solutions supported by a lean logistics structure, conceived in order to meet the needs of local manufacturers and European customers with production plants in the area.


Located in the heart of the United Kingdom, our sales office and distribution centre enjoys excellent motorway access, enabling us to offer a rapid delivery service as well as direct over the counter sales.

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