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ATAM designs and manufactures 15mm to 65mm wide encapsulated coils. Encapsulated coils – that is coils dipped into an encapsulating material – are protected against weather agents, fluids, moisture, and vibrations and find a wide variety of industrial uses. ATAM’s encapsulated coils are designed specifically for pneumatic, hydraulic, steam, gas, and water applications. The Company’s encapsulated coils are processed using a wide selection of thermoplastic and thermosetting resins, featuring a temperature rating that ranges from class 135°C to class 200°C, according to the customer’s needs.

ATAM’s encapsulated coils are customized with the requested type of copper wire according to the winding data. Furthermore, they can be equipped with various connection options such as DIN, AMP, or Deutsch and, on request, even customized versions.

Note that all the customized connections receive formal authorization from the designer of the connection and are in compliance with the technical drawings provided by the customer before entering production. Furthermore, the manufacturing process is monitored at every stage and is subject to a strict sequence of final inspections, including electrical, mechanical, and visual tests.

The resulting products are superior quality coils with a pleasant aesthetic appearance, excellent performance, and a high level of safety.

Encapsulated coils and safety standards

All the encapsulated coils manufactured follow industrial and household goods international safety standards. On request, ATAM’s encapsulated coils can also be manufactured according to ISO automotive, UL, ATEX, IEC-Ex, and VDE standards or other standards as specified by the customer.

One of the company's main strengths is the flexibility to accommodate each customer’s needs. Indeed, most of ATAM’s encapsulated coils are fully customized and developed in partnership with the customer through a direct interface with the Company’s technical office and appointed designer.

Working side-by-side with the customer allows ATAM to offer unique configurations of encapsulated coils, and this approach has made the Company a reference point in its sector.

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